Friday, April 25, 2008

I read a magazine article this afternoon on "Tips for Living Green." I am happy to report that our family is already practicing many of the ideas. Here are a few:

*use a reusable grocery bag
*take shorter showers
*don't run the water while brushing your teeth
*recycle all paper goods, cans & bottles
*unplug appliances (coffee maker, toaster, cell phone charger) when not in use
*turn the heat down when leaving the house
*turn off lights when leaving a room
*use eco-friendly cleaning supplies
*change lightbulbs to CFL bulbs
*wash clothes in cold water
*use rags for cleaning

Also worth noting is that we have reduced our garbage to only 3 1/2 bags per week. That number is down from 6 or 7. Our recycling bins on the other hand are usually overflowing by garbage day.


Anonymous said...

I won't shorten my showers.

erinz said...

It's for the earth! Do you want it to last or not?