Thursday, April 24, 2008


Naughtiness is running rampant in my house this week. What's a mom to do? Remy is the latest to get into trouble. Matty had a friend over today and the boys went over to the nearby school to skateboard, etc. They had been gone for 30 minutes or so, when I opened the door to take out the garbage. Remy took off like a bat out of hell. Gone! I called to him, "Remy! Cookie! Remy! Treat!" Nothing. He didn't even look back.

He went to the school to find the boys. I was so mad at him. He has never gone off like this before. He finally came home with the boys a few minutes later. I have ignored him all afternoon (which he can't stand and frankly, neither can I). He is snuggling right behind me on the computer he must feel forgiven.

I can't stop thinking about what could have happened to him (hit by a car, stolen, bitten by another dog). Though I am so thankful he is home and in one piece.


Laurel said...

Scary! I feel your fear. I've been there with Peanut. She zoomed around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes when we were visiting Patrick's sister.

Chris and Sarah said...

I would die if Goliath bolted. I think he's so skiddish and nervous, he would bark at a motorhome and get nailed. Sometimes I think about putting a microchip in him. Have you ever thought about that for Remy?

erinz said...

Yes, Remy is microchipped. It was weird for me to have him microchipped (have you read Left Behind?). But I figured he didn't have a choice (so he'll go to Heaven) and it's for his safety if he ever does get out & away.