Saturday, April 12, 2008

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye.

We spent the morning over at Arezou & Evan's. Evan isn't in these photos as he was inside brewing coffee (sorry Evan!).It was a beautiful morning and we had a lot of fun. Earl, Pak & Lisa came over too. We said our goodbyes; and Arezou & Evan were off to airport to return to Chicago.Omid the kids and I went into Portland for Dim Sum (yummers!). Here are the kids happily listening to their iPods (& we were happily listening to our music). After Dim Sum, we decided to have a BBQ. We stopped at Gartner's Meat Market to buy some meat (short ribs & flank steak). Omid also bought Remy a big smoked cow bone. The videos are 1) Omid giving Remy the bone & 2) Remy enjoying the bone. I apologize in advance for the filming. It's kind of like the filming for the Blair Witch Project. Sorry! Also...the memory card in the camera was full and I ran out of time. I was able to add two more seconds of video of Remy enjoying the bone.


Chris and Sarah said...

I wanna get one for Goliath! What type of section do I get those in? He needs one IMMEDIATELY. Remy was in heaven!!!

erinz said...

Here's the website for the market: Poor Remy has been gnawing on the bone all day/evening and his lips & nose are raw. I had to take the bone away and hide it. He had one a while back that he chewed on for over 6 months. They are only about $3.50. You can also get a giant one (that is probably bigger than Goliath) for a little more. :)