Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doggy Love

I met the famous Goliath today. Up until now, I have only seen photos of him in Sarah's classroom or on her blog. Sarah arrived at the same time I did this morning. I noticed she had her 'little man' (Goliath) with her. I asked her, "Does he just hang out in your car all day?" Because...I honestly didn't know. If her answer was "yes", then I was going to offer the safe & secret portable I occupy. She said, no, that Goliath was on his way to the vet (who is the same Vet Remy sees when I am not emailing/calling Omid's cousin - who is also a Vet - for free advice). Goliath was very cute, happy & kissed my hand. Too bad I didn't have my camera (though I suppose I could have asked you for yours, Sarah). :)

This is for those of you who laugh at the way I talk to my dog, a.k.a., The Baby. On Friday night, we had a coworker of Omid's (& friend of Arezou's) over for dinner as he & his family are moving up to Seattle soon. This guy's name is Marty. Marty was talking to Remy like Remy was an adult. Remy doesn't do 'adult' speak. Remy responds to baby talk. Before the end of the night, we had convinced Marty to call Remy 'the baby.' It was great! Remy loved it! :) For those of you who don't know Marty, he is a big, hunting/gun loving guy. That should say it all.

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Chris and Sarah said...

I FEEL THE LOVE! Goliath was honored to meet you, too. Please forgive him for being so jittery...he knew where he was headed. Maybe I can stash him in your room some other time! You know it's my secret fantasy.