Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pseudo Matzohs

Today at school, a co-worker brought in some leftover matzoh crackers from her Seder over the weekend. She also brought in an informative handout about what exactly 'goes on' during a Seder. It was very interesting. It was also the first time I had ever eaten a matzoh cracker. It looked like a giant saltine cracker; but didn't taste like one. The matzoh tasted extremely bland.
Fellow blogger Sarah walked in and I jokingly asked her to take a picture of me. She said she would but I told her I was just joking. I really should have been serious about the photo; because I had to recreate the scene with saltine crackers (hence...pseudo matzhos). I really need to start carrying my own camera around with me wherever I go (including work).
Naseem's new favorite cracker: Flip Sides.
Pretzel on one side, regular cracker on the other. These little crackers are so delicious and addicting. Just like with eating potato chips, it's a challenge to stop at one.


Anonymous said...

he he. i took that picture

Chris and Sarah said...

I had my camera in my room! I always do.... Kudos for the re-enactment, though... I gotta get me some of them there Flip Sides!

Anonymous said...

i just ate the whole box