Sunday, April 6, 2008

We drove out to Cascade Locks today in hopes of finding some salmon for sale. Omid went fishing three times this past week hoping to catch a salmon. He didn't even get a bite. :( So...we were hoping the Native Americans were selling some. It seems they took the day off. No one was selling anywhere. We stopped off near the river and let our sabzi from Norooz float down stream. Sabzi floating away
Naseem sitting in the car...too cold for her outside.
Omid & Matty walking around.
We stopped off at Bonneville and saw several sea lions on shore. This trap held 4 sea lions in it. They were barking up a storm. If you click on the picture, it should zoom in (I think).
Also, while watching ABC World News tonight, there was a great story about a man who travels around the USA correcting typos & spelling mistakes. I loved it! Now I am no longer the only one who calls restaurants, schools & businesses about the mistakes on their reader boards.

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