Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2nd Place!

Nas placed 2nd tonight at the Poetry Out Loud Regional Contest! She did an amazing job!!
Waiting to go on stage.

'Relaxation' exercises with the coach & other contestants.

Waiting to perform!

The contestants!

The CHS contestants: Nas & Matthew.

Receiving her medal & certificate.

Below we have the Zarafshan Fan Section.

Grammy braved the I-5 snowstorm yesterday and made it to the performance. While she was waiting for us to arrive home from Matty's b-ball game, she took Remy to McDonalds for a double-cheeseburger and fries. What a lucky grand-dog!

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Arezou said...

GO NASEEMIE....This is GREAT. I am so proud of you, great job sweetie. You make us all very very proud.