Monday, February 2, 2009

Trying to make sense of it all.....

Boeing laying off 10,000 jobs....HP laying off thousands....United Rentals closing stores/laying off employees...and the list keeps growing! This is scary!!!

We have been hit by the layoff bug several times in our life and each & every time it been so darn scary, but in the end it has turned out okay. Just last week, HP laid off 200+ jobs. The next day there was a job opening for 30 engineers at a small company in Gresham. Over 1000 people applied for those 30 jobs (many of them HP engineers).

Omid is stressed beyond belief. My brother-in-law Mike is stressed & may lose his job. My other bro-in-law works for Boeing. Please pray for Omid, Mike, Tom and several of our friends at HP. We have faith that God has a plan (it's just hard to remember to relinquish control, darn it). We are thankful Omid's job has been spared for now!

Thanks for remembering these guys' in your prayers!


Arezou said...

Erin Joon, hang in there. Times are tough all round, but remember, this too shall pass. Ommid has lots to offer and he will have no trouble finding employment elsewhere, if need be. I am sure same goes for Mike and Tom.

Laurel said...

You can't leave! I have faith that it will all work out.