Monday, February 16, 2009

Road Trip to Oly

The kids, Remy and I took a road trip to Oly to see my parents, sisters and cousins for the long weekend as we haven't seen them since Christmas.

We rolled into town, left Remy at home with Papa, picked up Grammy, B and Cayden and went to lunch at Ramblin' Jacks. I think I am getting tired of that place, it's not as good as it used to be. I really wanted to eat at Eagan's, but was voted down. Too bad. They have the best fries and goop. Next time!

We were full from lunch and then went to watch Sammee's final basketball game. Her team won! Yay Sam!
Sammee with the ball!
My dad made ribs for dinner & they were tasty. After dinner, we played a 'spirited' game of Apples to Apples. I usually rock at this game, but I lost (I couldn't believe it!). Matty won instead.

On Sunday, B and I walked downtown in the rain and visited lots of shops. Then we ended up at the mall, meeting up with the kids, Grammy and my sister Cynthia. We were all starving and ate lunch at Pints & Quarts (it was just okay). After that, we came back home and hung out at the house.

Poor Remy - this is when things got bad for him. First, he fell off the computer chair and his leg got caught, then he jumped off my parents couch and his two front legs buckled underneath him and he landed right on his snout. He got up and was completely dazed. He just sat there very scared and confused. About half an hour after that, he fell again! I made him stay off the couch after that. Poor boy! It just wasn't his night.

This picture was supposed to capture how tall Matty is compared to Cynce. Instead, all I see is how my parents need to put a picture or something on that bare wall in the kitchen. Get to it!


Laurel said...

Rowan is doing great in her own room! She is sleeping for longer stretches and grow, grow, growing!

That accident was horrible. It shook my house. There were 4 passengers. One didn't make it, and three are in critical condition. They life flighted one of them out. They landed in the baseball field.

The Rinkels said...

I think we passed in the night - or at least on I-5. We went to Camas yesterday. One of these days you'll have to cram my sister and that baby of hers in the car with you on your way to Oly. : )

audslife said...

We purchased two lovely pictures for the wall in the kitchen. Tom thought the pictures would look better in the dining room. Didn't you notice them?