Friday, February 27, 2009

Visit with Denise & a drunk guy

Our friend Denise came back for a visit this weekend. She and her family moved to North Carolina back in August and we have been missing her a lot! The moms headed out to Cactus Ya Ya while the kids had other plans.

Lin & Wendy

Tammie & Denise

All of us and an ANNOYING drunk guy who wouldn't leave us alone.

This guy was WEIRD. While we were waiting for our table, he came up to Denise & Tammie and was flirting like crazy. They tried to ignore him but he was really persistent. After he failed to get the girls to flirt in return, he tried hitting on Lin. Our table was finally called and we were laughing at him. We were laughing too soon, as he and his friends were seated at the table behind us. Too bad for us.

I took some photos of our table and he offered to take one of us. I hesitated as I didn't want him to #1 - drop my new camera, #2 - break my new camera or #3 - puke on my new camera. The waitress was nowhere in sight, so I said okay. Bad move. He immediately started playing with the zoom and that just pissed me off. I leaned right over and said, "Give me back my camera!" in the meanest/nastiest tone I could muster. Then he started to talk to our table again about 'what makes ladies like us happy.' We all just ignored him and I grabbed the waitress and asked her to take our picture. That creepy guy got in our picture and we were not pleased. Then Lin said, "Woo hoo Erin! I didn't know you had it in you to talk like that to people."

The minute I walked in the door, I took a Clorox wipe and disinfected my camera from that guys' germs. Other than putting up with that guy, we had a great time!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Nice call on the disinfection.... what a weirdo!