Sunday, February 8, 2009

Driving & Birthday Bunco

Yesterday Naseem and I went to an empty parking lot so she could practice her driving skills. She already knows how to drive, so I had her practice parking and going in reverse. She did really well.

This is Nas in a fit of giggles. She didn't mind driving around the parking lot when she thought it was just her. Someone was leaving the building and ended up behind us. Nas pulled over, and he pulled over too. He asked us if we were lost. We told him she was just learning how to drive. He laughed and then started to tell us his own 'learning-to-drive' story. We just wanted him to go away so Nas could continue to practice. I took this pix after the guy finally left. It was funny.

After we were done with Nas' driving lesson, we picked up Omid and Matty and headed up to the Kelloggs. We all carpooled out to a bday party for our friend Francis (who turned 50). It was a bday bunco party. The bunco game was very spirited and competetive (just how it should be!). Omid didn't want to play so he took a few pictures instead.

Here is Francis (bday boy in the green plaid shirt). That's me in the background with the green vest. I didn't win most wins or losses, but did win "most team spirit." Yay!


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Laurel said...

I feel kind of old knowing that I could teach a youngster to drive. How old does one have to be these days? Erin, you can watch Ro and I'll drive with Nas. I have a spare neck brace. :)