Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today I worked downtown at the Special Services building. This building also hosts the alternative high school. Today the HS kids were having a bake sale. I didn't purchase any of the baked items. I was worried about the cleanliness of the kitchens the items were baked in (I'm weird about that). But I did purchase several candy necklaces for Nas and her friends and three of these popcorn lollipops. They were 3 for 25 cents. I was told they taste like a popcorn Jelly Belly. Totally bloggable.

Looks like a tiny popcorn ball.

Nas thought it tasted gross. I took a lick and thought it tasted like sweet buttered popcorn. A few licks were okay, but that was it for me.

Remy LOVED it!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Ok, so I'm gonna say that the first few licks were tasty and nostalgic. The next 5 or 8 were ... interesting.
Thank you for thinking of me! I am a semi-proud fan of the fake butter suckers.