Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Plug for Fred Meyer

Today I switched from using the Target pharmacy to the Fred Meyer pharmacy. I LOVE Target - but their pharmacists have major attitude problems which I have encountered more than once. I had a super long day today (too many hours at the Vancouver Clinic Same Day Clinic) and just didn't feel like dealing with the Pharmacists at Target. I ran into Freddy's as I needed popsicles & juice too. I dropped off the prescription (Matty has strep throat) and came back in 15 minutes.

The FM Pharmacist asked me all sorts of questions about Matty's age, weight, and asked me specifically what the Physician's Asst. had told me today. I was so impressed when he whipped out his calculator and did a bunch of calculations (it reminded me of Omid: he is so good with numbers!). He then took out a book and scanned several pages. He said he was satisfied and just wanted to double-check to make sure of the dosage. I was so happy, as I have heard horror stories about mixed up prescriptions or wrong dosages. Noble Pig just had a horror story on her blog, check it out.

The Fred Meyer Pharmacy will get my business from now on. I love Target, but have never felt the love from their Pharmacists and don't think I would have received the same service that I did at FM today.


The Rinkels said...

I totally agree with your findings at Target pharmacy. I ranted about them on my blog awhile back too. I haven't filled a Rx with them since. Good to know that Fred Meyer might be a good option for us. (I'm very impressed with the pharmacists thoroughness with you! Unheard of at Target)

The Rinkels said...

I forgot to mention that you should write a letter about your experience. I did and I sent it to their corporate headquarters. I had a phone call within 4 days and an apology from the head pharmacist at my Target.
In this age when customer service is the only thing that differentiates one company from another - it's a huge deal.
Go Naseem! Pharmacology is a great field. I believe WSU has a program for that. GO COUGS!