Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Poor Baby!

Last night, we noticed Remy kept licking his right leg up by the wrist. Omid lifted up Remy's leg to see what it was and he had a patch of skin missing on the toe near his wrist. Poor Baby! We put some Neosporin on it and Remy went to snuggle with Naseem. Nas & Remy napping.
Today I came home from school and checked Remy's wrist. He had licked it raw. When I took hold of his paw to take a look, Remy started shaking and tried to take his hand away. I put more Neosporin on the toe and wrapped it up so he couldn't lick the medicine off.

Tending Remy's owie.

You can send any "get well Remy" wishes to the comment section of the blog. I know he would appreciate it. :)


bgygi said...

So sorry to hear of your owie Remy! I hope you feel better soon! Ruff ruff!!


Laurel said...

Is it a hot spot or allergy? Best of luck with the owie Remy.

Arezou said...

Hi Remy; I am sorry about your owie. I bet it hurts a lot. My mommy tells me that you are a very sweet dog and that I would like you a lot if I met you ever. Take care of your owie, don't lick it. I look forward to meeting you someday. Love: Sophie

Unknown said...

Hi Remy. What happened? Have you been naughty? I wish you get well very soon. Take care of yourself.