Saturday, May 31, 2008



The old team together again (Jenny was late - otherwise she would have been in the photo too).

Omid going to grill more meat.

Jan & Doug (toast time)

Omid enjoying the yacht.

Tonight, Omid & I attended my former boss, Jan C.'s retirement/wedding reception/birthday party at the Portland Yacht Club. We had a great time! Omid enjoyed looking around Jan & Doug's yacht. It was beautiful (all 42' of it)! The difference between a boat and a yacht is: a boat is 10ft to 34ft in length and a yacht is 34ft to 65ft.

Photo of Jan's Yacht (from her blog)

Dinner was delicious. It was a 'grill your own meat' party. Omid was so impressed with the grill. It was huge (maybe 10' x 5'). Omid enjoyed grilling the meat for our entire table. He also met a lot of people who admired his WSU shirt. It was definitely a good wardrobe choice on his part.

We had a great time catching up with old friends. The night ended way too soon (as it always seems to when we're having fun).

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Unknown said...

Very nice pictures.....but Pleaaaaaaaaaase tell Omid to grow his hair.