Thursday, May 8, 2008

My marrow donor kit came in todays mail. It consists of directions, 4 extra long cotton swabs and a biohazard sticker (for the 'used' cotton swabs).
I want to place these stickers all over the playground at school. I see (& chastise) kids spitting everyday. The balls roll into it, it gets on their hands, hands go to face - a vicious cycle.

Omid wishing he had requested a donor kit.

Rereading the directions to make sure I did it correctly.

The finished kit.
The kit came with a booklet about donating marrow. Here is an interesting fact:
Donors of these backgrounds are needed: African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders, Hispanic or Latino and any mixed heritage.
To learn more visit:


Anonymous said...

haha i will still kiss remy!! he's my baby!!!

Laurel said...

Are you donating to a family memeber or just in genera? You could give platlettes. My step-dad does it every two weeks.

erinz said...

I am donating just in general. A friend of ours recently found a match. Please do a post about platelets so I can find out how!