Thursday, May 8, 2008

This morning I was reading the website of the local chapter of a Vizsla club. I clicked on the rescue link. There is this poor boy whom I can't stop thinking about. His name is Jackson and here is his story:
Jackson is a happy and loving 13 year young boy. This boy is still active and would love to hang out with you - help you hold down your couch but would be happy taking leisurely strolls in the neighborhood.
He is about 47 pounds.
Jackson has been with his current family since he was 10 weeks old (June 1995). The boy he was raised with is moving to a place that does not accept dogs.
Jackson is a submissive boy, not an alpha in any way. He is even submissive to cats.
He is: Housebroken Up-to-date on vaccinations neutered Does not dig or chew things Is happy, healthy, & active
Here is what Jackson's owners say about him:
Jackson’s personality: Sweet, gentle, raised with children and another dog, well behaved in home, non-destructive, never growls or barks, sleeps a lot, loves to go for walks in park.Jackson has never bitten or snapped at a person or dog. He is NOT alpha in any way. He is frightened of kitties but loves to watch them.Jackson is a timid eater and let the other dog eat his food. NO food aggression.He has always been a house dog, raised in the home. He sleeps in the home and when the sun is out, he likes to lie in the sun. Jackson gets along with children and all people and other dogs.Our other dog was a female (alpha) Weimaraner who passed on in 2005. She was 13 and was Jackson’s sibling. They got along very well and entertained each other and us.Jackson is house broken. He can sit, shake hands, lay down, stay and come when called. He is safe off leash in the dog park. He loves the water and swimming after ducks. He was not trained to hunt or for agility. He travels well in the car – best if behind a screen. He would prefer to drive!
I am sad because I think of my own precious Remy - what would he do and how would he react if at 13, we had to send him away (or even now!). Ok - I wouldn't - I couldn't! I like to believe I would do everything in my power to try to keep him with us. I hope Jackson's family did the same. I wish we could take Jackson in, but we can't.
If you know of someone who could help this sweet boy, here is the link:
He is a bargain at $50!
**Grammy (& Papa)...It's time you two had a big dog in your life. Julius is in need of a brother. Dad, you KNOW you love Vizslas! Give this boy a home!

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Chris and Sarah said...

I am shocked at how cheap that little guy is! I sure hope he gets picked up...