Sunday, May 4, 2008


Omid cooked ribs for dinner last night. He made his own dry rub and then smoked the ribs. They were so delicious. Lin, Amy & Jack joined us for dinner. The camera battery died right when I was about to take a photo of Jack & Remy; so there are no more photos of last night. Omid preparing the ribs.
More rib preparation.
Happy Chef!
Omid making French toast.

This morning, Omid made us his famous French toast. He used the Brioche from Trader Joes. So tasty. Check out Omid's snazzy new haircut. I buzzed his head this morning before breakfast. This was the first haircut I have given without laughing. I was very serious and therefore did a great job.
We are cleaning the house today: vacuuming, mopping, cleansing everything. This sunshine gets us moving! Remy is especially enjoying the sun. He has been basking in it all morning. I have now finished my cleaning and can go outside and just veg in the sun.

Sun dog.

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