Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is what greeted me in my closet this morning.

And this is the super-hero who came to my rescue.
Remy may seem hyper and high-strung to most of you, but he has a strong side to him.
This morning, he watched me as I tried to smoosh the spider with a baton (from my baton twirling class in 2nd grade - it's a professional grade baton that I am sure my parents paid top $ for in 1974; and I can't bear to give it to Goodwill).
Anyway....the spider ran away from me and onto Omid's tie rack and was lost amongst the ties. I gave up and went to get another cup of coffee. Remy stayed ever so vigilant in the closet, staring up at Omid's tie rack. I came back upstairs and Remy was 'whining & squeaking' for the spider to come out with his hands up.
The next thing I know, Remy is chewing something in his mouth and then rather contemptuously spits out the dead spider. He was victorius! Yay!
I know some of you may think this is murder. I like spiders, I really do. Well, the ones who look like Charlotte and small itty bitty ones who don't scare me. But...these big scary spiders I can't handle. We have had 3 of these creatures in our house this week. These guys I just can't bear to let live in my house with me (& I can't catch them - I am afraid to).

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