Friday, May 16, 2008

John Denver sighting

Not really John Denver, but his double that is for sure. Matty & I went to the airport this afternoon to pick up Omid. While walking on the bridge from the parking garage, I saw this man. My first thought was, "gosh he looks like John Denver." Then I did a double take. I asked Matty if he thought the guy looked like John Denver. Matty said, "who is John Denver?" Ha ha!
I really wanted to snap a photo of him (I even had my camera!), but thought it would be weird if I did actually take his photo.
Are you humming Rocky Mountain High or Grandma's Feather Bed yet? "It was 5 feet high and 6 feet wide......"

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Laurel said...

People always say that I look like Jodi Foster or Helen Hunt. Let me reassure you that if you darted up to me with your camera in hopes of a photo op, you'd be out of luck. I probably wouldn't be very nice.