Monday, May 19, 2008

Hillbilly Names...

My friend emailed me this link today:

Click on it to get your very own hillbilly name too. I will admit...I did not like the first several choices each of us received. So...I resubmitted our names again and again and again until we received choices I liked.

here is mine: Lil' Dolly Tractor

Omid's: Hunter Hogg

Nas: Leanne Lou Montana

Matty: Rocky Rambler

& of course, Remy's: Cooter Houston

Omid's first hillbilly name was something like Billy Ray Tractor. I didn't like that. It reminded me too much of Billy Ray Cyrus who I think is kind of icky. He has nicer hair than I have. That's not right.
**I need to bring back our square dancing video from JibJab. These hillbilly names match perfectly. Especially Remy's. :)


Chris and Sarah said...

I'm Tammy Lee Hogg! Goliath is Butch Dallas.....

erinz said...

I am choking on my raisin bran crunch right now I am laughing so hard! Butch Dallas sounds like a movie star name.