Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Can you believe Xanadu! is now a Broadway show? I won't be seeing it! I recently saw this movie after remembering how awesome the music was. The movie was AWFUL!!! And to think, I had fond memories of this movie - obviously my 6th grade taste in movies wasn't that good! I kept fast forwarding the movie to the good parts (with the music). What was Gene Kelly thinking? How could this movie boost his career?
Anyways...I remember skating on my backyard patio to the music (being blasted through the screen door). My sisters and I shared the album and we'd play our three favorite songs again and again (listen to them here on my playlist). Sigh...memories.
**One movie/broadway show you will find me at is Mama Mia! (Katie - do you remember?). How can you resist ABBA? They are my all-time favorite - the best! I am waiting for the movie this summer (anything with Meryl Streep is worth watching).

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Anonymous said...

Do I remember Mama Mia, you better believe I do. What a fun night of great music.

We still listen to the CD you made get listening and clean the house!!!