Sunday, September 7, 2008


Omid, the kids and I went clamming at Willapa Bay today. Here I am testing the clamming beds. We did really good and got 74 steamer clams in 30 minutes. Woo hoo! Let me tell you, steamer clamming sure beats razor clamming (we actually got clams this time).

Me wearing Omid's hip waders (they kept me dry & warm).

Omid, Matty & I


on the boat

Omid setting the bait for the crab pots.

crab (we threw him back - too small)


Remy again

Look at all the oyster shells

B, Grammy & Cayden came to visit us


We tried to leave Ocean Park and it was bumber to bumper traffic to Long Beach. It took us 4 hours to get home (usually a 2.5 hour trip). Apparently on the weekends, the "locals" set up shop on the main drag and watch people drive by. We thought it was because there was a car show in town. Omid asked at Jack's Country Store if the people were waiting for a parade. Our cashier said, "no, that happens every weekend. That's what we do for fun." So....for 25 miles....there were fans on both sides of the road watching the traffic (some of them with signs - both good & bad). Sudsy water was included if you felt inclined to do a burnout. Omid obliged several times (with a 24' boat behind us!!). My sister (in her volvo wagon - also right behind us) declined and drove on with fervor - despite the locals egging her on to "come on volvo!"
I felt like a celebrity driving through town. Locals were waving at us and yelling at Omid - how much they LOVED the boat. We felt special. :)

We saw the General Lee! (didn't see Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Bo or Luke)
The Locals
The guy in the grey afro really wanted Omid to do a BIG BURN OUT. Omid led him on with a big revvin' of the engine and drove on by. :) Heehee.


Anonymous said...

That picture of me is horrible. Half of my hair is in a ponytail and half of it isn't.

Laurel said...

I've never been clamming. Of course, I'd be the girl to invite. I'd do the work, but wouldn't eat them.

erinz said...

You are missing out! They are so tasty!

Chris and Sarah said...

That's such a silly local tradition! I shake my head in amazement. Remy looks like a handsome sailor. Clam chowder and clam fritters are yummy to me, but nothing else...I don't think.
That's great news about ALL the sponsors, by the way!!!! You did not have to spread the word, but I'm so glad you did! That's awesome!!!