Monday, September 8, 2008


I will be leaving shortly for a union meeting. It appears we may be taking a strike vote. I have mixed feelings on the issue so am going to get as much info as I can. Scary & exciting at the same time.

UPDATE: We aren't striking tomorrow morning, which is good for now. We did take a strike authorization vote that if the Union and the school board don't reach an agreement on Thursday; a mediator will be brought in. If no headway is made, then on October 28th, we meet again and could vote to strike. Yikes. The sad, sad thing is the kids are the losers in this whole game. Even now with my cut hours, I will not be seeing/serving kids who NEED to be seen. It is so sad. I have a set amount of hours I am only allowed to work and after that - sorry! My heart is wanting to stay and do what needs to be done - but I can't do that. The district needs to know that I can't do a majority of my job in 4.8 hours. It can't be done. I couldn't do my job in 7 hours last year. I either got overtime or comp time for the time above and beyond. So now, I have a huge pile of "to do" at work which needs to be done before kids can be seen. If this work is not done soon, then the start date when kids will be seen will be even further down the road. But...this is nothing new. Look at everything the certificated teachers do ABOVE & BEYOND what they are REQUIRED to do. It's frustrating cycle - while those with administrator certificates get paid thousands and thousands. I could go on and on - but I won't.
Bottom line: Please don't shop at any store in Camas that does not have a PSE sign in their window. You will see these signs in the coming weeks. We need to support all the classified staff who do so much for the kids (& who are not getting the respect from the school board/district big whigs).
Thanks so much!


Chris and Sarah said...

Oooooohhh! That's so juicy. I hope you got all the information you needed...... we think you are great!

Arezou said...

Oh wow...keep us posted....