Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitchen Heaven

We toured a huge house today. It reminded us a little of The Venetian in Las Vegas. What really struck my fancy was the kitchen. It was absolutely beautiful. I took a picture so Omid could remodel our kitchen to resemble this one someday.


The Rinkels said...

Does that mean you found your camera? Yeah!
That kitchen is gorgeous. Was this a street of dreams situation?

Unknown said...

This is what I want.!!!! How much is it?

erinz said...

Heidi: My camera is still missing. I had to use Omid's fancy/schmancy camera (& made sure I didn't lose that one). My camera is a tiny little one that can fit in my purse. We are thinking it must have been lost right after we were finished clamming last week. It may be in the bottom of Willapa Bay somewhere. :(