Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shopping for Ethiopia

That saying is so true: it's better to give than to receive. Matty & I just went shopping for the kids at Layla House. We purchased:

*5 tubes of Neosporin
*10 board books for toddlers (mini board books) abcs, 123s, first words, nursery rhymes
*5 SpongeBob toothbrush/toothpaste kits
*200 Pooh & Dora stickers

This is what I could afford until payday. Heather is leaving on our payday - so it had to be a light load for us. But...more good Ethiopia news. Matty's Social Studies teacher is going to Ethiopia to volunteer in an orphanage for a week in October. She has rallied the kids to bring in items for her to take to the orphanage. We will also stockpile items for her trip & I will post the list of needed items if you feel you would like to donate as well.

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