Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today was Washington State Youth Bird Hunting Open Day. Matty took the Hunter Safety Class 2 years ago this month. He & Omid have been shooting regularly at the local skeet shooting range. This year, they took Remy with them. I chose not to go as I was worried about transferring negative energy to Remy (learned this from Cesar Millan).

Here are the boys with their 'chaps' (Filson pants) before the hunt. Unfortunately, Matty didn't get any pheasants & Remy refused to flush the birds. Omid said Remy walked behind him the entire time. Since we couldn't have pheasant for dinner, Omid chose to make khoreshe bademjoon (eggplant stew).

Omid prepping the eggplant (bademjoon).

frying the eggplant

finished eggplant

limoo omani (dried limes)

Omid decided to make a triple batch. We froze some khoreshe bademjoon for when Omid's mom and sister arrive next week.

Omid - not letting you see his clean-shaven face.

Here is Remy. He just had a bath. He walked for 5 miles today with Omid & Matty. Remy was so dirty he even had mud in his belly button!

I'm tired (man khabaloo hastam) Remy speaks Finglish too.

I wish smellavision was invented. I am sorry all of you are not lucky enough to be married to Omid. The smells coming out of our kitchen are amazing. Matty keeps saying he is hungry! Remy has been visiting Omid regularly for bits of lamb. Omid would like to say...On Gaza-i-ke mara chon jan ast ..... ghooreh va joojeh va bademjan ast...but today we made a subsitution to jujeh and used barreh.

Here is the finished eggplant stew (eggplant on the bottom). This batch is ready for the freezer.

**Check out the new feature I added to the right side of the blog (it's a Farsi(Persian) word of the day). You can all learn Farsi/Finglish too.

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