Monday, September 1, 2008

A last hurrah

We had our final party of the summer last night. Just a little impromptu thing. Tammie & the kids came over. We ate the delicious fish Omid smoked and tried a new wine called montepulciano. Did a little moonwalking & embarrassed the kids (it's always a party over here). Omid brought out dessert: ice cream & apple pie; then Tammie took Nas home with her and we kept Austin. Everyone had loads of fun.

The responsible adults.

Austin & Matty

Tammie is talking to a friend of ours who got her nose pierced on Friday. She is getting all the gory details.

Omid mixed the last bit of smoked salmon with 1/2 a brick of cream cheese. This was our lunch today.


Unknown said...

Very nice and delicious. Omid joon don't you have any other T.shirt?

erinz said...

Omid says, "NO!"