Saturday, September 13, 2008

We went house hunting today. Not for us, but for Omid's parents. We found a lot of beautiful homes and are actually going through them tomorrow. On our quest we stopped and toured one that was being built. It must have been 7500-8000 sq. ft. and was covered in marble and even had an elevator. It had the most amazing views of the the Columbia. It was in a word: spectacular. We were guessing who was having the home built: a rock star, a movie star, a school superintendent? My camera is still missing, otherwise I would have taken a photo.

On a side note, my mom and sister are coming down tonight. They are flying off to Mexico in the morning. Omid is bbqing flank steak for dinner. It should be delicious.

One more side note: Nas was nominated by about 40 people for Homecoming Princess - isn't THAT cool?!


Anonymous said...

It'd be so cool if I won haha :)

The Rinkels said...

Um, that was my house you were touring. Do you like my floorplan. It's our little vacation spot down south.
Homecoming queen photos will make a great blog post.

erinz said...

Weird -I left a comment & it didn't publish!