Saturday, December 27, 2008

ABBA Mania!

Let me just start this post by saying I loved ABBA before the movie Mamma Mia! hit theaters. The closest I have ever come to seeing ABBA in person was seeing Bjorn Again at the Crystal Ballroom a few years ago. They are ABBA impersonators and they were so fun to see. Can't wait for them to come into town again.

Omid bought the Sing! Star! ABBA! game for our PS2 system. It has been loads of fun. Just so you know...I rock at The Name of the Game and Knowing Me, Knowing You. The other songs the kids are great at as they can hit the higher notes. The game is so cute as it has all the ABBA videos which are so fun to watch. The cutest was Chiquitita - the band is all smiles and it's contagious.
Remy singing Take a Chance (which is super hard to sing back up on).

Matty being forced to play with me (payback for all the times I played Swords & Legos).

Singing to Super Trouper


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