Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still the Queen!

Last night we introduced Omid's parents to the game know as Apples to Apples. They did really good (came in 2nd & 3rd) but....I am still the one to beat! I won again! It's what I always tell my dad and brother-in-law, "I just play to the judge."

While we were playing the game, I brought out some 'After Eight' dinner mints that I forgot to serve at Thanksgiving. Omid put on his best British accent and inquired if the time was 'really, after 8.' It was hilarious and he wouldn't let me take a pix of his expression, but I couldn't stop laughing. For those who really want to know, it was really after 8 (8:21 p.m.).


Laurel said...

I love that game, and would probably love the mints too!

Chris and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Queen!!!