Wednesday, December 31, 2008

While catching up on blog reading this a.m., I found this recipe from The Country Doctor's Wife's Sister's Blog. The Recipe is for Ginger Muffins. My kitchen smells soooooo good right now. The muffins have such a high crown too (just beautiful). I definitely recommend this recipe. Bake them!
**Note: These muffins aren't very sweet. I sprinkled raw sugar on top. The next time I bake them am going to double the sugar. But...if sweet isn't your game, then bake them according to the recipe.

I also found this cute New Year's tradition from Noble Pig. It's simple and sounds like fun.

Happy New Year!


April said...

Good Lord, I love that I'm known as the Country Doctor's Wife's have no idea how much she will love that too. Not that we're competitive or anything, harhar.

Anyway, glad you like the muffins. It's an old recipe, that's why there's not much sugar. We Americans like things much sweeter than they did back in the day, I say that while I'm gnawing on a candy cane.

Happy New Year,

The Country Doctor's Wife Sister

April said...

Don't you love it when a sarcastic blogger links to you?

I forgive you and now you must rename Rechelle's blog to April Shower's Sister's Blog or better yet rename mine to Rechelle's Younger Prettier Smarter Funnier Better Haired Sister's Blog...yeah, yeah do that one.

Leila said...

How about featuring me on your blog as "the country doctor's wife's sister's blog fan and also fan of the country doctor's wife"?

I wouldn't say no to that :)

You can make my mushroom blue cheese tart and your kitchen will smell like...something okay, I promise!