Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Out & About

Omid was kind enough to again chauffeur us around town so we could finish up our Christmas shopping. Fari
Arezou & Matty

Fari's wool sock covered shoes (guaranteed non-slip!).

Matty and I spied these frightening creatures at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Matty was scared I would buy one for his stocking.

The kids received Sing Star Pop! a few years ago for their PS2...I spotted this exciting game today. Omid bought it for me. You know what this means....the next party we have ABBA Karaoke!!!

We stopped for coffee at Brewed Awakenings and the cashier was soooo rude. No Christmas spirit.

Waiting for our drinks.

Still waiting.

And.....still waiting.

Now we are home. The tradition at our house is: the kids get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Well...the kids knew what they were getting and couldn't wait until this evening. Omid bought them Guitar Hero World Tour, so they ran upstairs and are assembling the game like crazy so they can play it. This also means I won't be able to use my ABBA karaoke game for weeks & weeks. :(

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