Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Netflix This!

I actually watched two movies last night. The first was Footloose. My kids had never seen it. There was a lot of laughter over clothing & hairstyles (1984), but it was fun to watch. I can definitely wait another 24 years before I see it again.
The second movie was called P.S. I love you. My friend Tammie gave it to me for Christmas. The first ten minutes were pure torture. I mean torture. I almost turned it off several times and wished I had saved it for a regifting party...but I knew Tammie was going to ask me about it so I persevered through it. I am so glad I did.
The movie got much better and was actually quite funny in-between the sad parts. Basically, my emotions went like this through the movie: boo hoo, ha ha, boo hoo, ha ha, boo hoo, ha ha. So...if you plan to watch this movie: have a tissue nearby. I only used one during the movie, but it was pretty soggy by the time it was over.

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