Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowy Night

Mansour, the kids and I entertained ourselves by watching cars try to make it up 16th Ave (off Brady Road). About 1 in 7 cars made it up. According to the people walking up the hill, people were abandoning their cars right off the freeway (192/Brady Road) & walking up the hill to Camas. us watching cars

watching a bunch of teenage boys help stranded cars

stranded car and the neighbor girl (with a nifty cougar sweatshirt)

snowy street

Mansour & I

Matty, Mansour & I


My new black boot from Fred Meyer (FM has a great boot sale right now). My boots were $85, marked down to $69.99, marked down to $54.99 and a final clearance price for $44.99. Gotta love FM!

nas & I

A leftover pix from my party


Chris and Sarah said...

Who is sporting the pink cougar coat? Is there an accompanying story?

The Rinkels said...

I made that request yesterday. I said I need to see little baby feet. She's a beautiful girl.

Laurel said...

Hey miss impatient . . more pics to come. Probably tomorrow.