Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Snot Nice

Read at your own risk. Today's post has a high ick factor.

Today Naseem and I were at Costco with my inlaws. Nas and I were shopping around and I happened to pick up a container of lotion. I noticed the package was a little wet & sticky and turned it around to see what my fingers had touched (thinking it was lotion). WRONG!!! Someone had deposited a sticky booger on the container and MY fingers were touching it. YUCK!!!! I immediately put it down and asked Nas to dig through my purse for some Purell. I put the Purell on 3 separate times to try & sanitize my fingers. After that, my fingers got a hot & soapy rinse just to make sure.


The Rinkels said...

Oh my goodness - that's so gross! That's among my worst fears. That's what Purell was made for.

Laurel said...

That's my worst nightmare! I probably would have gagged. Thank the good Lord for hand sanatizer.