Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last night I celebrated my 40th birthday party with a bunch of good friends & family. Fari & Mansour graciously offered to host the party in their home. The snow was nice enough to stay away so we could party away the evening without worrying. A BIG thanks to everyone for all the great gifts!
Beverage center. There was also water, beer, & the hard stuff.

Omid: Main caterer of the evening.

Prosciutto pinwheels by Brenda.

Brenda explaining the finer points of puff pastry to Fari.

The buffet.
Tammie & Cynthia
Mike & Cynthia

Brenda & Omid

Lin, Ward & Francis

Arnita, Mansour & Frank

Frank, Alan & Lyn

The Gygis Three

Me & Fari

Father B & Father Z


Mansour, Papa & Tom


Cayden, Nas, Omid & Mansour

Papa & Erin

B, Nas & Papa

Naseem, Ward, B, Tom, Kari & Lin

Talking about what makes a good pistachio.

Cynthia, Francis, Tammie & Lyn

This is my nervous face! Tammie was acting very suspicious and was begging me to open the gift she & Lin brought. I really didn't want to and tried to get out of it. I knew she was up to something. So...while Omid was holding court, I tried to open it really fast and Tammie had to alert everyone to that fact. The gift was in a Victoria's Secret box and I just knew it was something...naughty. So....I opened the box (red-faced) and....

Whew! Relief! Nothing from Victoria's Secret but a beautiful North Face jacket from REI instead.

Jodie & B


Ward & Tom
Omid & Frank
Birthday Queen


The Rinkels said...

Happy Birthday!
That was sure a fancy feast. Isn't it wonderful to celebrate happy days with the ones you love.

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday! Lookin' good, a young 40 you are.

Too bad Rowan didn't want to share the day with you . . ..