Saturday, April 25, 2009

Attack Vizsla

Who would have ever thought this sweet,gentle,docile, scaredy-cat dog (just like Scooby) would have it in him to lunge, bark and growl menacingly at a dear friend?

Not me! That's for sure! But that is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon. Remy and I went to the HS to pick up Nas. My friend Arnita saw us and came over to say hi. Remy knows and loves Arnita...but he wasn't prepared for her greeting. I had my window rolled down and Arnita popped her head in the window and said, "Hello Remy!!!" Remy lunged to the window (he was sitting in the passenger seat) and I had to grab his collar so he didn't fly out the window. He was barking like crazy & growling (like I've never heard him do before). His hackles were up and he was not happy. Arnita was pleading with Remy, "'s me!" I finally managed to get Remy off my lap and out of the car so he could 'smell' Arnita and calm down. Once Remy was outside, he was barking, growling and shaking like crazy. Arnita sat down so Remy could smell her. After about a minute...he was convinced she was who she said she was and he climbed on her lap and kissed her. He sat there for the next ten minutes, happy as a clam & washing Arnita's face for her.

I was so thankful that 1) Remy didn't hurt Arnita and 2) to know if some crazy person ever comes up & tries to attack, Remy really does have it in him to defend his family. This was very comforting to Vizslas are known as excellent 'watch dogs', but horrible 'guard dogs.' Remy certainly dispelled that myth today.

I love my momma.

I'm a good boy!


Laurel said...

Peanut has done that a few times too. Once, though, it was someone I didn't know and peanut would not stop barking/growling. I don't think he smelled right. I took it as a sign. Dogs know stuff.

Chris and Sarah said...

Goliath has attacked Chris before, when he has gone out to the car, forgotten something, and come back in for a second.... you'd think that he was a robber the way he bit at his legs and whatnot..... he's just crazy, though!!!

Laurel said...

Hey Erin, did you order a 'Stellan Will Live' bracelet? If not, I have one for you. Well, if you want it.