Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prom Photos!

Acknowledging Jesus
The group

Zak's mom pinning the boutonniere. Neither Nas nor I could do it. We tried and we failed.

Wrist corsage

Prom was held at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland (the place with the springy wood floors). The kids went to dinner at Aura and then walked up the street to the dance. I hung out at Powells and bought a couple of books. Omid and Matty drove in and we went to dinner at Beau Thai and then to Papa Haydn for dessert. I had the Panna Cotta like I always do.
It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Omid had something called Rapt Raspberry & Matty ordered triple chocolate truffle cake. Then the boys went home and I went back to Powells until the dance was over. The only bad thing about tonight was trying to find a parking spot on the street. It took forever!


Arezou said...

Hi. I posted my comments on FB too. I am speechless by how beautiful Naseem looks and how fast time flies. It feels like she was 4 yesterday!!! I hope they had a good time. I guess Omid and Matty spent all day helping my mom? Was that engineered? ;-)

Laurel said...

WOW, I hope you kids had fun. I remember those good old days.

p.s. I have one more semi-formal dress for Nas.

bgygi said...

Nas looks gorgeous! Very classy dress! Hope you had fun :)