Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PW's Dump Cake

Have you checked out Pioneer Woman lately? If not, do! I check her site out everyday. There is always something new on there. I have made so many recipes from her site...and have LOVED them all! I made a new recipe today - DUMP CAKE. I was VERY skeptical of this cake. First of required margarine. I have NEVER bought margarine in my life! I grew up on butter and my kids have grown up on butter. I felt guilty paying the $.79 for 4 quarters of the stuff. I only used one stick - so if you want to make this cake and live in the area, I will give you a 'stick.' I fear the stuff will live in my fridge until the next time I bake this cake!
Anyways...I baked the cake...and it was good! Try it! I may make it for the Jr High Teacher Appreciation Luncheon next week!

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Laurel said...

From one baker to another . .. . I ALWAYS use butter even if the recipe calls for margarine.