Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prom Appetizer

Nas is going to the CHS Prom tonight. We had a lot to do today to get ready. First I had to pick Nas up from a slumber party. Then we stopped at Laurel's to deliver some dog treats for Peanut & Percy and peek at baby Rowan while she was sleeping. She was so sweet & beautiful. Before we left, Laurel gave Nas two prom dresses. Cool! Thanks Laurel!!! Dresses from Laurel

I called about 25 different salons to see if anyone could fit Nas into have her hair styled into an updo. Everyone was booked. The very last place I called had an appt for Nas. Nas was very skeptical and said to me, "This is the place???!" She is used to posh, sleek salons. This was old fashioned downtown Camas. Well, Nas & the stylist got to talking and Nas knows her grandson. And...she did a great job on Nas' hair. It's just beautiful! Check back tomorrow for more photos!


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Laurel said...

1) You're welcome.
2) If they don't fit, and you don't want to alter them, find someone who would like them
3) I could do that do for you next time.