Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner Prep - UPDATED

Omid prepared leg of lamb for Easter dinner tonight. Here is the roast out of the package. Here is the roast ready for the oven.
The kids and I colored our eggs today as we didn't have any time yesterday. We used colored Sharpies to draw designs on the eggs before dipping them in the dye. It works great and so much better than white crayon. That was Matty's great idea. :)

Finished roast.

Delicious dinner!


bgygi said...

Mmmmmm....lamb!! That is what I wanted for Easter. I thought I was the only one who like it!!

bgygi said...

Looks delicious!!!

sbaily said...

i think om needs me down ther to cook the lamb, i don't see any mint jelly?

it looks wonderful and i'm sure it tasted as good as it looks

Chris and Sarah said...

PS - Goliath LOVED his Monday treat bag! I was a terrible mother and gave him every single blessed treat in the bag in 1 sitting (in the car). It's not that good that he looks so pitiful in his collar... I feel so bad for him that I just give him every thing that his big brown eyes ask for. :)

sbaily said...

Had I known you were serving lamb for Easter dinner, I would have crashed the party. I love a good lamb roast. Nummy!