Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tongue Tied! *Updated*

Omid really loves a good cow tongue sandwich. Yesterday, he and a coworker were swapping cow tongue recipes. After work, Omid stopped at Winco and bought TWO cow tongues.

Don't raw cow tongue touched Omid's face. I was standing by with carbolic acid just to make sure!! (JUST KIDDING!!!).

Taste buds up close.

Tongues ready for their 6 hour simmer (Omid added the 'secret' ingredients after I posted the picture).

Omid started the tongues at 6:00 p.m. He went to bed at 10:45 p.m. as he had to get up early for a fishing date. That left me to take care of the tongues at midnight. I watched a bunch of Cesar Millan episodes (how cute is he?!) and tackled the tongues. I pulled them from their vat of spices and ripped off the taste buds. I was going to take a picture or two, but didn't want to be responsible for vomit on various keyboards/monitors. Let's just say the taste buds resembled dried pig's ears.

The tongue meat was beautiful. Tongue is really tasty if you can get over the fact that you are actually eating tongue. I have to think of something else or I gag. Otherwise, I think it tastes like roast beef.

Let me know if you want a sandwich or two!
Here's some info I found on beef tongue today (& why we only eat it once a year!).
1 3 oz piece has 736 calories and 57.8 grams of Fat (21 g of that saturated). Not the healthiest part of the cow!


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The Rinkels said...

A friend at work swears that tongue is undervalued in our society. They eat it out at Mexican restaurants. I think I'd have to try it without knowing what it really is first. I did read in Bon Appetit magazine that it's the new hot thing.

sbaily said...

My dad cooked beef tongue a couple of times when I was a child and it was good. I have never cooked it.

Om's is good as I have had it a couple of times. Good for you Erin. You are a far better wife than I.

Laurel said...

Um, most often I want to drive over and eat with you guys, but this time. I'm going to stay far far away. I dont care if it tastes like filet mignon. The idea of it is enough to make me gag. Sorry.