Friday, April 24, 2009

I decided to stay home today. I woke up and my eye was almost swollen shut and purple/red. I asked Nas..."if you were a K kid or first grader...would you be scared looking at this eye?" Nas said, "YES!" I then went to wake Matty for school. Before I could even ask him for a second opinion, he looked at me and said, "Yuck! Your eye!" So....I decided I wouldn't risk hearing tons of kids say "Yuck", "Gross" or some other new word I haven't heard yet. I have my self esteem to think about thank you very much.Here is a picture of my eye after I iced it for a while this morning. No more swelling - just red. But still not nice to look at.

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Chris and Sarah said...

I'm sorry that your eye looks swollen and disgusting! I hope you can get the swelling to go down over the weekend and return to your glamorous self ASAP! If you ask me, you still look chipper and cute, though............ I'll hopefully experiment with our clothing venture this weekend and let you know!