Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here is a cute video of Remy & Matty playing. Remy loves ANYTHING with a squeaker. He generally refuses to play with quiet toys. Any toy that squeaks he loves (& usually destroys). We have tons of squeakers he has managed to remove from various toys. Today, Matty was teasing Remy with a squeaker & it drove poor Remy nuts. You can hear him voice his opinion. He's a talker!


sbaily said...

Awwwww....poor Remy. Matty thinks of the cutest games to play with him. Way to go Matee! I loved watching.

Chris and Sarah said...

Poor Remy! As I played that video at home, Goliath's ears perked right up and glared at the tv. He even snorted a couple of times! We should meet at a dog park w/our boys sometime, no?

Chris and Sarah said...

OK, here I am again...
I can't wait to see the baby! Clearly, I need to remind someone to e-mail me a pic of my painting again.... thanks for the reminder!
I will punch him in the neck next time I see him.
:) S