Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pilates Kicked My Butt!

I barely survived Pilates today. I forgot how hard it is!! It was great to see my friend Kim (who is also the instructor). She looked super & was all tan from a vacation in the Bahamas. Nice!

I was not the only one who was new to the class. But since Kim knew me...she singled me out and yelled things at me like, "ERIN! Lift your legs higher!" and " Don't use your hands, ERIN!" and "ERIN! No feet on the floor!" Then she said to the class, "I know Erin and can tell her things like this. I don't know any of you other new people - so you are safe from my comments." Did I mention Kim wears a MICROPHONE during class so everyone can hear her?! Love you Kim! I know you only did it because you want me to succeed. I thank you for it. :) This Pilates ring almost killed me. My legs were shaking.

I wanted to pop the ball with a sharp instrument.

How am I feeling? I am sore. I can barely lift my arms or put one foot in front of the other. I know I will feel much better in 6-8 weeks and may even be able to lift my legs higher and quit using my hands for support. At least that's my goal!

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