Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have finally settled on the shapes for the dog treats. I've been searching high and low for weeks. According to the surveys I sent out, the sizes people seem to like for their dogs are small & medium. I also baked some 'big boy' sizes too (for big boys & girls). I have new 'testers' and can't wait to hear what they say as well. It's exciting!
I finished a new batch yesterday. I tinkered with the recipe again. Remy was chief taste tester and gave the treats his seal of approval. Sorry I don't have any photos of that (my hands were busy with dough).
This sweet pea will be receiving a 'fun pak' of shapes on Monday (for all his pain & suffering). Look at that face!


bgygi said...

Does poor Goliath have a cone on??

Laurel said...

By tomorrow did you mean today? Saturday? Sure thing. I'm sending my cell number to your work email so you can call before you come. That way we can be sure to be home.

Chris and Sarah said...

Gosh, he is handsome!!!! Thanks for keeping an eye on him.... I found out this morning that he wiggled out of his cone while "sleeping" in his kennel, and he actually ate the rim of the cone itself....his crate was full of clear plastic cone bits. He is a terror.