Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wrist Update

Matty had a follow up appt with the orthopedic surgeon today. The cast tech sawed off the old cast. Here is the saw. The inside was nasty. I will spare you the gross details. Let me just tell you that Matty had to triple wash his arm with extra strength soap. A new xray was taken and it showed lots of 'fluffy' new bone growth. Yay! Healing is happening!
New xray
After the xray, Matty received a new cast.
Camas colors this time: red & black.
Finished cast. Oh! And I was the FIRST to sign it this time. Remy was second. :)

Here is a movie of the cast tech sawing off the cast.


sbaily said...

You are Brave! I wouldn't like the sawing part. He did is so fast that I thought he might slice Matty's arm. I like the new colors Matty.

bgygi said...

Does a "Cast Tech" do anything else other than casts???? Interesting title.

Arezou said...

Love the new cast. Did you keep the old one?


Isn't it amazing how the saw knows how to cut through that plaster stuff, yet doesn't cut the skin? Good job, science!

Laurel said...

I'll see Heidi on Sunday for Easter. If it's convenient, Percy would love some treats