Thursday, January 1, 2009


I made a delicious cranberry upside-down cake this afternoon. If you decide to make this cake...don't let anyone talk to you while you are measuring ingredients (or...if you can focus no problem, talk away).

This is exactly what happened to me today. Omid made plans to take us over to his parents house for dinner. Omid was going to make the dinner there and he wanted me to bake my cake there too. I didn't want to. I wanted to bake my cake at home. Here is how our conversation went.

Omid: "How long until your cake is finished?"
Me: "It takes an hour to bake and since I haven't even started getting the ingredients out yet, give me an extra 30 minutes."
Omid: "Why don't you just bake your cake at my mom's house?"
Me: "Why?! Because it just makes sense to bake it here. That's why."
Omid: "But, I don't see why you just can't bake it at my mom's house."
Me: "Because, that's why. I want to bake it here. It's my kitchen, I know my oven and I don't want to try and figure out your mom's oven on this cake."
Omid: "Well, I still think you could bake your cake there."
Me: "I already started it here and it's being finished here. Okay? Okay!"
Omid: (started singing the song Crazy by Seal, as it was on the tv).

During this little exchange, I am measuring out my ingredients and mixing my batter. Not until the cake was in the oven did I clearly see the recipe for the cake called for 3/4 of a stick. YIKES!!!!! I put in 1 and 3/4 sticks! Now I am fuming mad.....then calm down and realize butter is good. Butter is delicious. The more butter the better.

I am still hoping to get a new camera tomorrow. Sorry I can't post pictures of the cake. :(
**Update: This cake was still super-delicious despite the extra butter!


Anonymous said...

You sound like The Pioneer Woman

Arezou said...

I am waiting for a report of how the cake tasted. More butter, the better...
Let us know

Laurel said...

Butter is good! You really have a hard time with cameras. Do you need to buy a better one or just attch it to your arm so you don't lose it?

The Rinkels said...

When it comes to butter - if one stick is good, two sticks are better. I'm fairly sure I've heard that somewhere.

Chris and Sarah said...