Saturday, March 15, 2008

fun & exciting day

Today the whole family traipsed to Skyridge MS for Matty's cross country fun run. Remy tried to come with us and jumped into B's car. Matty joined the CC club a few weeks ago. It was a two mile run and Matty came in 28 out of 60 kids. Pretty good! B and I went to Salut Wine Company for their $5 wine tasting. It was fun and we were served delicious snacks along with great tasting wine. B was happy because the owner brought his two dogs (a yellow lab and a Shih Tzu) to work with him. She spent a lot of time talking to the dogs. I finished my wines way before B, as she was too busy talking to the dogs and not sampling her wines. When we came home, I had this great idea that Omid should cut Cayden's hair. B was all for it (must have been the wine). Omid went right to it and then B had second thoughts. I started laughing so hard as I was extremely nervous. Omid was mad at me because I forced him to cut Cayden's hair (I didn't force him, I encouraged him). Cayden was fine with it, because it meant a big bowl of vanilla ice cream for him if he sat still. He did a great job and now Cayden is sporting Omid's famous buzz cut. Too cute. He looks like a kid from the early 60's.

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where's the post about MY graduation night?